Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bleijie won't meet me

The Queensland Attorney's office has written to me today. I will have the letter copytyped and put up. What his chief of staff says are five things:
1. The Attorney, Jarrod Bleijie won't meet me. It's not said why. I am awaiting a response from his office about why I can't meet the Attorney.
2. Lesbian co-mothers are to continue to be recognised. Welcome.
3. No criminality. Welcome.
4. Apparent ability of doctors to treat. Welcome.
5. Discrimination still to be pressed ahead- by the courts not being able to make parentage orders. This means that the surrogates and their partners will remain legally the parents- the thought being that this will deter surrogacies because the child can still inherit from the surrogate and her partner, and be potentially liable for child support.

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