Saturday, February 2, 2013

Surrogacy Australia conference

Surrogacy Australia National Conference 2013

Melbourne - 6 & 7 April 2013

The Surrogacy Australia Annual Conference will bring you over 23 expert speakers - lawyers, doctors, counsellors, Australian parents, surrogates and children born through surrogacy from Australia, India, the US and Thailand. Whether you are a intended parent, looking into carrying for someone, a family lawyer, or healthcare professional, this program will guarantee much debate and information sharing from some of the leading international speakers on surrogacy practice. To register click here.

I will be one of those speakers.

Other speakers include:

Dr Jadva is a researcher at Cambridge University's Centre for Family Research, who has recently undertaken research as to what impact if any there might be on children conceived through surrogacy.    

Professor Jenni Millbank

Jenni is in my opinion Australia's leading surrogacy academic. She has been at the forefront for many years as to legal issues concerning surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology.

Steve Snyder

Steve is the Chair of the American Bar Association's Assisted Reproductive Technology Committee. An assisted reproductive technology lawyer from Minneapolis, Steve has been a driving force to ensure that American assisted reproductive lawyers are properly educated and focused. He was the organiser of the world's first international surrogacy conference in 2011. [Disclosure: I am one of two international representatives on the Executive Council of Steve's committee.]

Karen Synesiou

Karen is the chief of the Center for Surrogate Parenting, one of the world's leading surrogacy agencies, based in Los Angeles. Her most famous clients include Elton John and his partner David Furnish, and Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.

John Weltman

John is the founder and President of Circle Surrogacy in Boston. He was the first to establish the right of couples to get insurance coverage for gestational surrogacy in Massachusetts. John and his husband began their surrogacy journey in 1991 and had two boys through the same surrogate - each fathering a biological son.

Dr Michael Feinman

Michael is a renowned fertility doctor from California. Michael developed one of the first anonymous egg donor programs in the world in New York in 1987 and performed one of the first transvaginal ultrasound guided egg retrievals in America.
Amit Karkhanis

Amit is a Mumbai based surrogacy lawyer from India. I had the privilege to listen to Amit last year.

Miranda Montrone

Miranda is a Sydney psychologist who is one of Australia's leading fertility counsellors. She has worked with more than 120 surrogacy cases over a 15 year period.

Dr Shivani Sachdev

Dr Shivani is the founder of SCI Healthcare in New Delhi. This year SCI expects to deliver over 120 babies through surrogacy to intending Australian parents. Dr Shivani and I were both panellists on SBS Insight "Baby Business" in 2011.