Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Disgusting: surrogate offered $10k to abort

CNN has reported a gut wrenching story about the journey of a surrogate, Kelley, who discovered late in the pregnancy that the child she was carrying would be born disabled. The intended parents suggested that for $10,000 she should abort the child. The letter from their lawyer was disgusting. As CNN reported:

"You are obligated to terminate this pregnancy immediately," wrote Douglas Fishman, an attorney in West Hartford, Connecticut. "You have squandered precious time."
On March 5, Kelley would be 24 weeks pregnant, and after that, she couldn't legally abort the pregnancy, he said.
Fishman reminded Kelley that she'd signed a contract, agreeing to "abortion in case of severe fetus abnormality." The contract did not define what constituted such an abnormality.
Kelley was in breach of contract, he wrote, and if she did not abort, the parents would sue her to get back the fees they'd already paid her -- around $8,000 -- plus all of the medical expenses and legal fees.
Kelley did not abort. The whole story can be read here:

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