Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My upcoming surrogacy and family law presentations

In what must be a state of madness on my part, in two weeks I will be delivering 7 presentations in 3 States and 2 continents. I must be completely loco.

I will also be blogging each of these events separately:

Event 1: Thursday 4 April

I will be at Melbourne University, Hawthorn campus, 6pm talking about: Who's my daddy? LGBTI family law issues, for the Australian Psychological Society Family Law and Psychology Interest Group:

Event 2: Friday 5 April

At lunchtime I will be presenting to City Fertility Centre in Melbourne.
City Fertility Centre is an Australian IVF clinic that operates in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Event 3: Friday 5 April

At 6pm I will be speaking at a surrogacy forum in Melbourne, along with John Weltman from Circle Surrogacy, Boston.

Event 4: Saturday 6 April

That morning I will be chairing the legal session and then moderating a panel of lawyers talking about international and Australian surrogacy at the Surrogacy Australia conference in Melbourne.

Event 5: Wednesday 10 April

At 6pm I will be speaking at a surrogacy forum in Sydney, along with John Weltman from Circle Surrogacy, Boston.

Event 6: Thursday 11 April

At 6pm I will be speaking at a surrogacy forum in Brisbane, along with Steve Snyder who chairs the American Bar Association's Assisted Reproduction Technology Committee (and from IARC surrogacy clinic, Minneapolis), Karen Boughey from Surrogacy Australia and Adnan Catakovic, Managing Director of City Fertility Centre.

Event 7 Thursday 18 April

I will be speaking at the American Bar Association family law conference in Anchorage, Alaska. I will be speaking about Australian surrogacy issues.


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