Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The joy of the job: babies through surrogacy

The joy I have in helping people have babies- is helping people have babies!

In the last couple of weeks a number of my clients have had babies. Every time they do makes my day. There is nothing more joyous to hear that a baby has been born, and even better, to get pics or video of the baby, and even better, to be thanked for helping bring that baby into existence.

Here's some lovely feedback I recently got from two couples:

Thank you so much for that! B and I are so so so happy. Its been an amazing journey since we first spoke to you and I wanted to tell you that every single person who has helped us on this path has been so wonderful. Thanks again Stephen for your guidance and support. You gave us the confidence to get things rolling from the very beginning!



Just letting you know that M was born 3 weeks ago and we arrived back in Australia safe and sound on Sunday morning. Things are going great and we wanted to thank you and your team for your help during this process.

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