Tuesday, March 18, 2014

B105 interview

I spoke on Brisbane's B105 this morning about surrogacy. It was in the Dear Abby segment of the morning show. Chris and Todd, a gay couple were contemplating surrogacy, but felt that commercial surrogacy overseas would be difficult.

Abby mentioned about how several of her friends had gone to India, and some to the US for commercial surrogacy- which I pointed out was an offence in Queensland, NSW or the ACT.

There were three callers in: Natasha, who was intending to be a surrogate, but waiting for a gay couple to marry first, Tina, who was interested in being a surrogate, but not using her own eggs (That's OK Tina, the vast majority of surrogacies don't use the surrogate's eggs.), and Barbara, who after having had 6 children of her own, was a surrogate for her best friend's sister. Barbara said that with one push, and half an hour's labour, the baby was born. Voila!

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