Sunday, June 1, 2014

Surrogacy Australia conference

Last week I had the privilege to be a speaker at the Surrogacy Australia conference. I spoke twice- as a keynote speaker about the current state of reviews concerning surrogacy: the Hague's proposal for there to be an international convention concerning private international law concerning children, including international surrogacy arrangements, plus our local reviews: the Family Law Council review (of which we still no nothing, including as to the Federal Government's reviews) and the NSW and WA reviews, as well as preliminary research undertaken by the national body that licences IVF clinics (some States have further licensing requirements)- the National Health and Medical Research Council.

 Dr Martyn Stafford-Bell, one of the pioneers of surrogacy in Australia kicked things off.

Yours truly taking part in the legal panel.

And addressing as a keynote speaker about the various surrogacy reviews.

 Amazing women: Rachel Kunde and Karen Boughey talking about how there should be much more emphasis on surrogacy in Australia, rather than going overseas.
 Inspirational. Dr Bruce Shapiro from Las Vegas Fertililty Center warning of research that shows the risks of implantation of multiple embryos.
 Class act. Dr Guy Ringler from California Fertility Partners talking about his extensive experience with surrogacy in California.
 Me again, during my keynote address.

I also took part in a legal panel as to how surrogacy laws applied across the country.

I was also an impromptu speaker when several Australian fertility doctors took part in a panel about surrogacy across Australia. They were not able to answer how much surrogacy cost. I intervened: between $25-60,000 depending primarily on the number of IVF cycles undertaken, and less so on the amount of legal costs.

The conference was an outstanding success. Amongst the other keynote speakers were outstanding US doctors: Dr Guy Ringler and Dr Bruce Shapiro.

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