Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Take down your sites, Thai surrogacy agencies

Last Thursday the Thai military government effectively closed surrogacy in Thailand. Existing surrogacy cases seem problematic. New surrogacy cases are effectively dead and buried, as I have said before.

For whatever reason, the Thai government has said that there is to be no more surrogacy in Thailand, except involving family members.

Despite that most agencies have still got their sites up as if nothing had happened. Intended parents from Australia and elsewhere beware: new surrogacy in Thailand is effectively banned. If you pay these people money, and get your hopes up that you will be parents through them, chances are you will do your dough and break your hearts. Avoid!

These sites need to be taken down: NOW. To do otherwise is misleading the public. This is what one site said this afternoon:

"Thailand is one of the most favorable destinations for future parents from all over the world seeking fertility treatments."

Not now it ain't.

And another: " We provide gestational surrogacy, egg donation, gender selection, IVF, and other fertility treatment services in Thailand. By accessing our carefully screened network of fertility centers located in Thailand, we are able to offer our patients substantial savings when compared to western countries."

Gender selection is now dead and buried too.

As of today, Thai police are raiding houses where surrogates were  living, as reported in The Australian. The game is over. The gig is up. These agencies and clinics should pull down these sites immediately.


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