Monday, July 6, 2015

Meeting Graham Perrett

Last week I had the privilege of catching up with Graham Perrett MP, along with my fiance Mitch. Graham is the federal member for Moreton (ALP) and is a member of the House of Representatives Select Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs.

This committee earlier this year unanimously recommended that there be a formal parliamentary inquiry into surrogacy, including as to whether there should be commercial surrogacy in Australia, as well as exploration of anomalies and discrimination.

I raised with Graham my concerns that there be a formal inquiry so that these issues can be explored as soon as possible, echoing calls by the chiefs of Australia's family law system, Chief Justice Bryant and Chief Judge Pascoe, for there to be a national inquiry.

Both Mitch and I raised our desire as well as that of the large majority of Australians for there to be marriage equality in Australia.

Graham also congratulated me on being awarded LGBTIQ activist of the year at the recent Queen's Birthday Ball Awards in Brisbane.

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