Sunday, November 22, 2015

First Townsville surrogacy

I love helping people achieve their dreams and become parents. Just over two years I posted about why I love my job.

Having experienced infertility problems myself, I know the pain of infertility. The inevitable questioning. The eating away of the soul as if my acid. The self-doubting and self-loathing.

Too often I have heard from women who have gone to their fertility doctors to be told: you can't do anything; it's all over.

The reality is that sometimes egg donation can be used, or surrogacy. Surrogacy is the option of last resort, or for gay couples as an American colleague recently put it, it is the option of first resort.

Surrogacy of course has two aims: to have a baby, and to have the parents legally recognised.

A week ago I was honoured to represent a couple who had the joy of a baby girl through surrogacy. The couple, from Townsville, had to jump a series of hurdles to get there in the end. I told them at the beginning that surrogacy was a WHEN not if  proposition- when they would become parents. At each hurdle, I said not to give up in despair, but to keep on trying. They will get there. And they did!

To have appeared in court to help intended parents achieve legal recognition of their parentage is a joy, that continued from the first time we talked, when I said that they would get there.

I am a very lucky man. :)

Outside Brisbane Childrens Court. The order had been made: they are now officially mum and dad!

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