Sunday, November 22, 2015

Helping Claudia and Sonny become parents to Luciano

On Friday I had the joy of representing a couple, Claudia and Sonny, in the NSW Supreme Court, so that they could achieve recognition as parents.

Claudia has a rare medical condition that she was born without a uterus. She knew all along that she would never achieve the joy of being a mum. Trips to the doctors confirmed it, and she was in despair that there were no options to become a mum.

Not a quitter, Claudia went online and found out about surrogacy. Claudia's mum, Antonietta offered to be Claudia's surrogate. Claudia and Sonny came to a seminar about surrogacy that I spoke at in Sydney almost 3 years ago.

They looked at undertaking surrogacy overseas and decided instead to do surrogacy at home. I said to them at the time that surrogacy was a when not if idea- a certainty when they would become a mum and dad, not a maybe.

As sometimes happens, there were a few medical bumps on the way, but back in June, Antonietta gave birth to Luciano. As the pictures show, he is a much loved prize. A wonderful bouncing boy!

On Friday, I was such a lucky man to be there when Justice Lindsay in the Supreme Court made a surrogacy parentage order, transferring parentage from Antonietta and Claudia's dad, Joe, to Claudia and Sonny.

Smiles all around.

Claudia, Sonny, Joe, Antonietta and Luciano have had their story told in Woman's Day and 60 Minutes. Only now, though, are Claudia and Sonny recognised as Luciano's parents. My role is to make it all happen- to reality test the plans, and then put the plan into action, so that my clients will not only have the joy of a baby, but also be recognised as the parents.

I have acted in several cases before for intended parents whose mum was the surrogate. A wonderful, wonderful tale. :)
(L to R) All smiles! Claudia, Sonny, Luciano, Joe and Antonietta
(L to R) Justice Lindsay's associate, Sonny, Luciano, Claudia, Justice Lindsay proudly holding the court order, Antonietta and Joe.

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