Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hooray! The surrogacy inquiry will have a result- in early May

When I opened today's Courier-Mail, I was heartened by the page 3 story. It was about the surrogacy inquiry and making it harder to undertake surrogacy in developing countries, and ensuring that there are harmonious laws for surrogacy across Australia, rather than the current shambles.

However, the big news is that the surrogacy inquiry will be completed and hand its report to government by the first week in May. My fear, expressed last week, is that the surrogacy inquiry will not be completed- and that all the hard work that has gone into it has been for naught. The surrogacy inquiry is due to report by 30 June. If Parliament is dissolved  on 11 May for a double dissolution on 2 July, then the inquiry may never have been finished.

Chair of the Committee George Christensen told the Courier that undertaking surrogacy in developing countries must be harder to do. I made submissions along these lines to the inquiry.

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