Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tour of Brisbane IVF lab

As a highlight of holding the LGBT Family Law Institute, City Fertility Centre were kind to allow attendees to have a tour of the Spring Hill IVF lab in Brisbane.

I have always found these tours to be fascinating. This tour was no different. All who attended said that the tour was exceptional. Thank you ,City Fertility Centre.

 Basic equipment used in the lab.
 One of the incubators in which the magic happens- creation of embryos.
 ICSI that was filmed earlier in the day. The individual sperm in the pitot tube being implanted into the egg can be seen as the black speck in the centre of the tube.
 Sperm swimming around under the microscope.
 Containers of liquid nitrogen hold frozen embryos.
Containers of liquid nitrogen hold frozen sperm.

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  1. At first I didn’t see the connection of a tour to the Brisbane IVF lab with the LGBT movement. However, as I digest the topic further, which will be the exact location where LGBT couples would be heading to once they have settled down and want to start a family of their own.