Friday, April 29, 2016

Drinks event on 3 June, Brisbane

The night before the annual Families Through Surrogacy conference, which will be held this year in Brisbane over the June long weekend, there will be a drinks event. Those who are considering Canada as a possible option for surrogacy are especially welcome, as well as any Australian fertility counsellors and doctors.

The night offers the opportunity to discuss, over drinks and canapes, with people from Canada and Australia about how surrogacy works in Canada for Australians, and how intended parents are able to have their babies come back to Australia, in a low key low pressure environment

Those attending include:

  • Canadian Fertility Consultants
  • EggHelpers
  • my best man and renowned fertility doctor,  Dr Said Daneshmand from the Fertility Center of Las Vegas
  • me!

Where and when

Mercure Hotel, North Quay
6pm to 8pm
Friday 3 June
Cost: Free

RSVP: Angie at 

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