Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ukraine clinic under investigation for using someone else's DNA

The Ukrainian Justice Minister announced two days ago that one of the largest IVF clinics, BiotexCom center for human reproduction, was being investigated following an Italian couple finding out that their child did not have any of their DNA.

Under Ukrainian law, couples undergoing surrogacy are required to have a genetic link with the child, so that at least one of them is the genetic parent. The announcement is that an Italian couple who underwent surrogacy through Biotex in 2011 have discovered  following a DNA test undertaken in Italy that there is no genetic link between them and their child.

The Minister of Justice announced that other cases were being investigated. He called upon surrogates to help provide information to the Ministry in its investigations.

The Minister said that the Ukraine considered that what had happened amounted to "child trafficking" and that the Ukrainian government would sue the relevant clinic. He also said that new laws would be enacted to crack down on practices to prevent any further recurrences.

If this has been occuring, whose eggs were used? Given eggs donors are anonymous in the Ukraine, if record keeping is lax, then it may have been another woman's egg, even that of the surrogate.

Biotex has been a large and popular clinic for those seeking to undertake surrogacy in the Ukraine.

One might be forgiven for thinking that this is a long way from Australia, but the fact is that Australians have undertaken surrogacy in the Ukraine. According to Biotex's map it has representative offices throughout Europe, Asia, North America- and in Sydney and Melbourne.

Those undertaking surrogacy in locations that are developing countries or post-Soviet countries must take extreme care. It should never be assumed that IVF clinics and agencies are backed by some government guarantee or rigid regulation. They might be rigidly regulated- but it is very much a case of buyer beware.

I remember all too well the gay couple who went to a Thai clinic for surrogacy- man A and man B. Sperm was provided by each of the men. Man A's sperm was deemed better than Man's B. The couple were told that Man A's sperm was used to conceive the child. All went well. A child was born. Man A was named on the birth certificate as the father. A DNA test was undertaken. Man A was excluded as the father. It appears that Man B's sperm was used. Luckily this did not prevent the child obtaining Australian citizenship.

Or the gay couple who went to India in its heyday. Sperm was only provided by one of the men for legal reasons. The child was conceived and born. A DNA test determined that the man's sperm was not used. Who knows who the father was. Luckily, Australian authorities were sympathetic and allowed the child to obtain Australian citizenship.


  1. So is there a clinic for egg donation with gender selection you recommend for older mothers?

  2. How come the case of 2011 is only considered now? The clinic is popular indeed and hundreds of couples come for treatment and get strangers' children against the law? How many cases like this happended? I guess the one in 2011 was the only one and someone wants the clinic to be closed. It makes sense taking into account the country is corrupt. I agree what happened is not right, but it might be a simple mistake like those in fertility centeres when thousands of embryos were destroyed and everything.
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  3. What a load of bull this report is. For instance. The case in 2011 that you are talking about. The father is related to the child. The problem was with this case that surrogacy is illegal in Italy and the parents had to go through courts but were acquitted. Second case you may be referring to which was mentioned in the report the surrogacy was not done by Biotexcom it was in fact done in Moscow. Case no 2 which was used by Ukraine police to go after Biotexcom is infact a Russian surrogacy clinic. Rosjurconsulting

    Case number 1. Which was also added to the claim. After is genetically related. So if you are going to print stories you really should be a little more professional about it. Chinese whispers are fake news. And by the way I DONT WORK FOR BIOTEXCOM! But I have been a client who also holds an interest in finding facts. There are families in Ukraine as we speak scared stiff they will lose their babies and it’s down to the fake news. Fact is someone in gov Ukraine wants a slice of the busiest clinic in Europe and only way they can do an illegal takeover is to destroy its reputation under its owners name and then they can step in and be Hero’s and pocket the money. Oh and there are also other not so successful clinic owners in Ukraine backing this. I’d say few bob is being exchanged. Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe. That’s fact.

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