Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Visit to Oregon Reproductive Medicine

In April I was fortunate to travel to Portland, Oregon to attend at Oregon Reproductive Medicine.

I was there to visit and meet staff members, and to discuss current issues affecting assisted reproductive treatment.

I first came across Oregon Reproductive Medicine some years ago when Dr John Hesla and I happened to both be presenting at the same seminar in Australia. My first impressions were: "How come I've never heard of you guys?" I thought that there were one of two likely answers- either they were dodgy, or they were a reputable outfit whom I'd never heard of because they had not focussed on overseas clients, but instead focussed their energies on clients within the US.

The reality with the  size of the US market is that often well established surrogacy agencies and IVF clinics focus on the domestic market and do not focus on helping international clients.

Talking to Dr Hesla, I was quickly relieved to realise it was the latter! It was evident that this was a sizeable operation, who knew what they were doing, had runs on the board- and most importantly for me- cared for their patients.

So when I was invited to attend next time I was in the US, I gladly accepted.

And my impression? Oregon Reproductive Medicine impressed. The lab looked well organised. Staff were clearly focussed on hygiene and accurate record keeping. Helping clients in a non-discriminatory manner was a priority- and above all the message I kept getting was being focussed on the patients and their welfare. All good stuff.

Too often clients have told me that some Australian IVF clinics seem more focussed on process and paperwork, and somehow in amongst it all they forget the reason they are there- which is to provide a service to others, the patients who are trying to get pregnant.

I have never heard of US clinics, in their super competitive race, having the same approach.

It is always a delight going to an IVF clinic who know what they are doing and have a sense of why they are there- i.e to serve others. Oregon Reproductive Medicine has this sense.

I travelled to Portland and Oregon Reproductive Medicine at my own expense. After the visit they shouted a nice lunch in the restaurant across the road- where we spent the time, of course, talking shop.

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